Cluster Food Technologies Digitalization LT Bronze label

The work of Food Technologies Digitalization LT over the past years has not gone unnoticed and has been evaluated by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). On February of 2022, in view of the results has been achieved, the cluster management level and quality assessment certificate „Bronze Label“ was issued for cluster FTD LT

ESCA is the only one international cluster assessment organization whose competence is recognized by the European Commission. Certified clusters with a Europe-wide label gain greater international potential also easier find partners for EU – funded projects. Receipt of the label provides an opportunity to review and improve the cluster management strategy and processes, increase the awareness and trust of the cluster, and it is also a proof of the viability and activity of the cluster. Certified clusters have a much higher chance of receiving cooperation offers from international clusters and other organizations.

The „Bronze label“ is FTD LT reliability mark and another step to international development.

„This certificate is the result of persistent and long-term work related to both engineering processes and networking, as well as the implementation of activities promoting engineering innovations and the visibility of the cluster in the international innovation ecosystem. I strongly believe that this assessment will become an incentive and will push us further to achieve higher goals and recognition“- says PhD. Vaidas Liesionis – Chairman of the Board of FTD LT cluster.